The Muse

Select Interiors is a  Phoenix based, multi-family, flooring solutions contractor. We can design and oversee the installation of all floor coverings including wood, carpet, vinyl plank, and tile of all types. We have over 25 years experience, providing value to our clients through a wide variety of successful projects. Both business owners and general contractors appreciate our accurate pricing, expert scheduling and quality installation. Our excellent relationships developed over the  years have provided us with pricing power and evolving product knowledge from our manufacturer.

We have installers that are experienced in new project construction. The benefit is that you can quickly become familiar with our crews and you can always expect the same high level of workmanship from project to project. Our experience in the flooring industry has allowed us to acquire the specific flooring  product and installation knowledge required to provide unsurpassed quality, service  and dependable results. Our company is built on the foundation of high quality, integrity and craftsmanship. We have a solid understanding of construction practices and the construction process. 

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